Rube Goldberg

I relish inefficiency
whenever you’re here with me.
I want to sit and watch
all these moving parts,
all the bells and whistles
the gears and chimes,
all the lost marbles falling
into your hands from mine

Let the colored waters drip
between our open veins;
let the pinwheels spin
while the cargo slips out of sight
and the caboose transports the night
on its back and the full moon in you
races down the waterwheel
into the waiting pool of my lips

and all I can do is put another quarter in
and watch the world turn again.

Delay the laws of physics.
Put the song on repeat;
complicate pleasure.
See how long we can keep this ball aloft.

I smile with my primary teeth,
face pressed against the glass.

And when our pockets are empty
and my eyes start to close
pick me up, love
as the city hums
and carry me home
on your shoulders.

© Psyche Marks 2019

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