His green
like a stem,
straw of nectar
filtering nutrients
up to us


from the layers of soil
over rocks and diamonds
coals and oils
to the core of lava
held so carefully in


His green
ever holding,
carrying the weight
of our petals and filaments,
arms and faces
stretching upward
toward the sun


Filter of photosynthesis
transmuter of wishes
fulfiller of desires,
his green
waits in the layer
between earth and sky
where life unfurls
and opens
its eyes


Green man
with mossy haunches
and beard of dew,
patient student
of color and seasons—
his shoulders are heavy
his feet are wet
but he curls his toes
and trusts
the forest


Contented with the simple
and the linear,
xylem and phloem
calculating strategies
of abundance
in stacking cells,
he asks for nothing
but the burden of building
and exchanges of light


He’s a blessing
in disguise,
servant of self-mastery
dissolving into the mass
of trees and grass
a stem under buds
forging crowns
for queens


never sleeping
always open
a color of laughter
always green


© Psyche Marks 2021

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