For Astro

From OSHA’s website, Safety and Health Topics: Radiation: “Radiation may be defined as energy traveling through space. Non-ionizing radiation is essential to life, but excessive exposures will cause tissue damage.”

it occurs to me
(really late)
around that time when internet research decays
from topics of insolvency and fellowships
to tongue splitting, furries and Rasputin’s pickled cock
that I am really, really lonely
for you

and my brain,
radioactive and glowing,
has decided
(after all possible avenues for defilement
that Google and the human race have catalogued)

that it is so hungry
right now
simply for your breath

and the radiance of your unadorned skin
against mine—

I don’t need any toy or script,
fetish or artifice,
only this:

just these novels in your hands and lips,
each dedicated to me as wholly
as stars to the night—

and when you burn and sparkle
as you fall through the sheath of my atmosphere,
my arms will always be there to embrace you,

because even when you feel most fallen,
I see only pure light
and even in my darkness,
you are the one I can always read.

© Psyche Marks 2010

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