mother cat
let me crawl inside your
stealthy quiet
leather urgency
calling to me
from across the
shifting earth

mother cat
let me crawl inside
through this ancient winding
Broadway trail
where cities fade—
grass to rocks
to these cliffs we climb naked
by the sea,
locking waves and moon
in our starlit tongues


who carries me in
her teeth
me clean
and growls on her haunches
at the shadow songs of dogs:

whose fur surrounds me
whose scent confounds me
with the mysteries of
streetlights and
infrared vision
and homing missiles of

night prowling mystic
who hunts me
so bluntly,
cunt into socket
into heart into
lotus flower crowns
that surround our bodies
like overturned urns

queen mother
whose kitten-speak whispers
flutter my ears,
as my limbs curl softly
around her furry continent—

glorious felis
with baptismal lips
and these paws that she licks
as she grows so large
and bright around me
I think she might
explode inside me
she almost choked me
by the scruff of my neck
but my eyes rolled back
in the safety of their sockets
as she tucked me so safely
inside her heart’s pocket

my sun
my dawn
my velvet-lined hard-on—
I need her here near me
I need her at home
I need her fur song
arching on my horizon,
I need her soft purr
and her phosphorus vision
I need her warm tongue
like the first morning sun
to come
into the light
and bathe off my night
to scare off my chill
like the butterflies
who scatter
at the whisper
of her felted footfalls
on the underbrush—

lady queen
of my life
with a mind
like a knife
I don’t need any church
to declare her my wife
she’s always been mine
long before I discovered her
we’ve always belonged
my kisses uncover her
I miss her tonight
I wish she could be here
I want to wake up tomorrow
with her breath in my ear
I’ve never been much
for shared domesticity
but with her, there’s just peace
and such strange synchronicity
I asked the angels
for a perfect companion
and they opened the gate
they scaled the wide canyon
between heaven and earth
and carried her to me
through storms and intentions
when I’d finished with gloomy
to offer this love
of epic dimensions
as I opened my heart
to the odd possibility
that someone could love me
and be my cat lover
my wild fur mother
who’ll never abandon me
in the cold for another


graceful cat lady
come home to your kitten
it’s cold outside
let your paws be my mittens
let your fur be my coat
with your kiss on my throat
and my skin
so tenderly bitten—

mother cat
it’s snowing tonight
and I’m climbing the walls
and flicking my tail
at the sounds of cars—
beautiful friend
this city is ours
so where are you hiding
when we have these dark hours
I’m feeling so black
I’m feeling so blue
I’d scratch down the curtains
if it helped me find you
wild cat mother
this night’s just begun
and I just need
to crawl
inside you.

© Psyche Marks 2008

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