I actually wrote this on my phone while waiting for a flight at the airport. I had just enough time to write a flash poem on my phone before the boarding call… about 20 minutes. I edited it a little later. There’s always enough time in the day to write a poem.


There’s a place beyond the runway lights
where clouds learn to talk to each other.
The air traffic signals
bounce off the silver linings,
radiating light spokes into the ether
and the wheels turning
sound like the music
of departure from the body;
the bullroar hum
indicating something otherworldly
and not quite comfortable
to the habits of feet.

Meet me there
tonight, or any time
with your light saber colors
and Jedi mind tricks:
duel a little with me
the way you used to
before you laid your arms
down and surrendered.
We’ve learned some new tricks
while scaling the spaces
between stars.

There’s a place in my mind
where, when I turn my engines off,
I can hear you better in silence.
I can feel your signal in the dark
like a laser light show
and now I know I won’t fall,
because somewhere in all the noise
and muscle push of our humanness,
(which I also love and find mysterious)
I’ve remembered we’re already stars,
cradled safely in our orbits
around the universe.

© Psyche Marks 2017

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