The world around here is flat everywhere but here,
on this hilltop where yellow swallowtail butterflies
dance around purple loosestrife.
I’ve decided to walk today, which is hard for me
but your hand is filled with shadows
that flow into my veins
and soften the weight of sun.
Everywhere around you, shadows cushion me.
I am bathing in the darkness of your light.

Like the labradorite bracelet you decided I needed
because your eyes watch how I watch the world,
calculating formulas of my bliss
and concluding something about iridescence
and dark things with shifting light.
It’s not just me. You’re a hunter of beauty,
and I’m just the falcon on your wrist.

I’m going to go out in the meadow
and catch you a rabbit today.
I don’t want to be your only prey;
I want to be the accomplice to those eyes
that discovered the gold in mine.
You can have all the gardens of irises
and all the dancing butterflies.
I will lie on the grass and watch you.
I trust the infinity of open skies.

© Psyche Marks 2018

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